Sunday, 27 July 2014

Legoland, Part 2

Now that you have seen an overwhelming amount of photos of our family, here comes the cool part of Legoland.  All these creations are not teeny weeny, but actually life size (or human size).  Amazing!

 This duplo guy in the kids playground wasnt all glued about interactive!  (Want to add to him, go ahead!)
 This was huge. And awesome.

 This is to put it into perspective.
 Want to go on a safari?

 (Is this Abraham Lincoln?)

 Lifesize lego guys making a getaway in their hot air balloon...and the two guys on the bridge after them.

 Lifesize firemen.
 A guy almost being eaten by a croc.

 Denmarks Legoland wouldnt be complete without some vikings. :)
 Lego creations everywhere!

 A HUGE statue of liberty.

 And now we move on to the cities re-created in miniature.

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