Sunday, 24 October 2010

its movie week

Well, this week will be a little showcase of how Lydia's days are....starting with the turtle that we had on loan. In the beginning she squealed and ran away from it. Now look what has happened. It is good that our friend come to pick up the turtles on loan, otherwise i have a feeling that the poor fellow might have turned into a drum, football, or whatever else Lydia might have used it for with her imagination...

Denna vecka ska kallas för film vecka med Lydia, för att se hur hennes dager går. Vi ska börja med en sköldpadda som vi fick ta hand om för en månad. I början, Lydia skrikade och sprang ivag. Kolla nu hur hon har förandrat! Det var bra att våran kompisar kom för att hamta sköldpaddarna, annars jag misstank att Lydia skulle har anvant honom för en trumma, fotball, eller vad hon skulle fantisera!

1 comment:

  1. So funny! When we got home this afternoon, there was a turtle in our driveway. I think Archie and neighbor boy nearly drove the poor thing crazy.


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