Sunday, 27 July 2014

Legoland, part 1

What can you do on a trip to Legoland in Denmark?
(For a real answer, go to their interactive map here:  

1. Wait in line with a billion people. 

2. Even the entrance has plenty of cool lego creations to look at. 

3. I asked Lydia, "where's your smile?"  Here was her honest answer.  Behind her, a whole city made with the new "lego friends" set.  

Lydia, the baby, and I pose in front of a lego cool!
 SO much to see.....
 A really cool idea: let the kiddos play with a huge table of duplos while the parents wait in line for the rides....everyone is happy.
 Here's the view from a huge tower we rode up....use the real people to put perspective to all the lego buildings you see...
 This was a super warm day (in Scandinavian terms), more than 90 degrees F!
 Plenty of trains and other "small kid friendly" rides to go on....
 (Notice even the train looks like it should be made of legos?)
 Our kids danced for joy when we found the water park...totally worth the 30 minute wait!

 A ten minute wait to get on a ride isn't bad, but we still had to be creative to rope in our son, Markus.
 Lydia's first time ever "driving her own car."

Daniel and Markus squeezed in together in the next car...
 Plenty of places to strike a pose and take a photo!
And yes, this is the final proof that legoland is cool....a ben and jerry's kiosk!  Mmmmm. 

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