Sunday, 27 July 2014

Legoland, part 3

Ok, last post about Legoland! 

They even had an aquarium....and we managed to sneak in with the critters!

 Legos also want to go diving!

 Here is a ridiculously expensive bridge we went on in Denmark (total cost for two bridges to get to Legoland from Sweden: around 75 dollars (500 sek).  That is definitely a jump compared to the american toll charges!
 Can't forget to enjoy the countryside....

 12 + hours in the car means that we are also part of the "scenery".

And finally, a restaurant that kept the kids entertained with their huge acquarium....
(I will just rant a bit and say that we have some strange kids:  their favorite foods at the chinese buffet?  Sushi, Mushrooms, strawberries, olives, and normally enough, french fries.) 

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