Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Liseberg with Farmor!

Farmor joined us for a day at the local amusement park, Liseberg.  
What's so special about Liseberg, you might ask?

They have kids theater shows starring these fuzzy guys:
(and some candy from Farmor seals the deal here....all that chewing makes it hard to smile).

 These rabbits get hugged by hundreds, thousands of kiddos every day, Lydia included! (Markus is not so sure about them).
 They have plenty of kid friendly rides...this one was a slow ride over the kids land....
 (I especially like the mossy roofs, and the little water canal that you can ride a boat on below).
 And of course, Liseberg would not be complete without sagoslottet (fairy tale castle).  This high tech wonder boasts fairy tales like a naked fat man (The Emporers new clothes), kids using swords (peter pan), and more!

Here are some photos of Sagoslottet in all it's glory (not bad for something made in 1968!)

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