Saturday, 20 June 2015

Matjesilltårta, or "pickled herring cheesecake"

I was trying to explain this Swedish phenomena to my mom a day or two ago.

Let's just set the scene:  It is midsommar, a big holiday in Sweden celebrating the middle of the summer.  Lots of odd things happen every year around this day, including a bunch of adults and children singing and mimicking frogs, a dance around a phallic symbol, and of course, the pickled herring cheesecake.   Lots of sweet things too, like woven flower crowns, good cheer, people singing folk songs together, and the longest day of the year!

A nice savory herring cake, that looks suspiciously like a cheesecake until you take your first bite.

Rye bread crumb crust,

cream cheese and onions, pickled herring bits, and horseradish filling.


This newspaper even translated the recipe for you, just in case you want to try it. (It's actually quite good!)

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