Thursday, 18 June 2015

cleaning house

My mom loaned me a book called "cleaning house."
The book's cover says, "A mom's 12 month experiment to rid her home of youth entitlement."

The basic thought is, when our kids one day grow up and move out, are they ready to take on the practicalities of taking care of a home?

So we experimented with one of the chapters.  "Kids learn to cook dinner totally on their own."

I explained this to my 5 year old, and when she understood that she gets to choose the menu, including a dessert, and has to get it all on the table by herself, she was pretty excited.

Well, ok, she did take her inspiration from a McDonald's happy meal, but she did it!

Here's how it went down:
1. She came up with the idea of what she wanted (which looked like this plus a chocolate cake).

2. We went to the grocery store together and she personally picked out the chicken nuggets, apples, fries, and cake toppings.

3.  I got the other kiddos busy with other stuff, and walked by her side as she ON HER OWN

  •  mixed up a cake, 
  • put it in the oven, 
  • put nuggets and fries on a tray and into the oven, 
  • CUT UP apples, 
  • set the table, including flowers and candles and fancy napkins, 
  • mixed up some juice concentrate, 
  • got out some condiments, 
  • and very proudly invited us for dinner. 
  • She even helped scrub some dishes AND helped her little brother put his dishes in the dishwasher with a voluntary attitude!
....all this from the girl who loves to whine about simple chores. 

Just goes to show that when she has personal ownership over something, it can totally change her attitude, willingness, and show her SHE CAN!

Here is a photo of them eating the leftovers of her cake. She is busy telling us "I made this when it was MY day in the kitchen!" 

We asked our 3 year old what he wants to do when it is his night to "make dinner."  His answer?  

SUSHI!  (that should be fun.)

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