Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hannah-Markus joint birthday continued...

Well, here is part two of the birthday fun....take note, I got a sweet camera for my birthday so the quality of these pictures is much more sharp and clear! (despite my lack of experience using a decent camera). 

Markus is trying to smile for the that his way of mimicing us??

 Playing with birthday gifts....
 This gift was not for Markus....but he'll definitely enjoy the fruit of it's labors...
Oh that "special" smile....

 Lydia is apparently ready to go to the indoor swim adventure land! (do you see her suit?)
Here is our dinner pizzas...kebab flavor with garlic sauce and lettuce poured on top, 
 And a true gem, curry/banana/chicken pizza...don't forget the peanuts and pineapples!
And just because it's almost freezing outside, that does not stop Swedes from eating some ICE CREAM! 
(Thanks Linda for joining us at the adventure made the day so much more fun!) 


  1. Love the camera. What kind? It captures depth of field well. You will have fun playing with the aperture settings.

  2. It is a Pentax K30....we chose it because it is seriously sealed to be practically weatherproof. You will have to see it and help me with some tips when we visit you!


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