Thursday, 7 March 2013

Birthday morning tradition...

 March 5, Markus and I BOTH share this birthday day...

And in Sweden that means all the celebrations start first thing in the morning!
Of course most people do not look so good that early, us all included.

But presents, singing in bed, breakfast in bed, and kids with their happy faces are a great thing to wake up to. 
 Markus got his presents in bed too...haha!
 It's Markus' birthday, but he doesn't seem to mind Lydia opening all his presents!

This COULD have been a cute pictures...oh Lydia, stop picking your nose!

 Markus is "learning how to smile for the camera,"  I guess he still needs some practice. :)
 Here's another "smile"....Happy birthday to my sweet son Markus!

1 comment:

  1. Happy B'day! Noticed Lydia's hair was in pigtails when she came to give you b'day breakfast. If Daniel did that, I am very impressed!


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