Thursday, 13 September 2012

The funny things kids say...

Lydia is getting more and more talkative, which makes her just that much more AMUSING.

For example:

(As she is learning how to say the Lord's prayer when she goes to bed)
"Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our pacifiers..."

Lydia: "I'm gonna have Bible study in my room." (as she arranges her two kiddie chairs and sets up her stuffed animals)
Me:     "What are we going to do?"
Lydia: (we play out this scenario often, so this is a blend of her answers)
....we eat godis! (candy!)
....we sing... twinkle twinkle little star!
....we eat kebabs!
....Lindsay and Evelyn (her two little church friends) can't eat any of my godis (we are working on this one)
...we read....pippi longstockings!

It makes me wonder what she thinks we really do at Bible study. 

When we were having evening prayers:
"We pray for Elmo..."  (try explaining what it means that we can only pray for real people)

When we are in the bathroom:
"Mom, boys can stand up when they pee but girls have to sit down."  "I have a little rumpa (bum), but you and dad both have big rumpas."   (And a couple times she has tried to pee standing up = catastrophe).

Bringing her goofy stuffed animal, or her sheep stuffed animal over to the couch.  "Goofy/baa baa is hungry.  I better give him some milk!"  And then pulling up her shirt and nursing the stuffed animal for about 1 second.  "All done!"

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