Sunday, 1 April 2012

bathtime for Markus

One day we will look back on this and think, "Man, did Markus really fit in the kitchen sink?!"

I had the fun of having my mom here visiting for Markus' first bath, plus the childish excitedness that Lydia showed to see something other than dishes being scrubbed and cleaned in the sink...
It looks like we are about to do some complicated surgery, but in reality my mom and Lydia are just getting Markus ready for his bath. Lydia is all hands in to help!
I think if Markus could talk, he would say something like, "wow, this feels just like that womb thing that i was in for the past 9 months!"
It's like a joke, how many people does it take to clean and wash one little 3.5 kg baby?
Lydia thought that the post bath lotioning of her little brother was the funnest part.
And throughout all of that, our little boy didnt cry at all!

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  1. Go Markus! It always feels to me like I'm preparing to do some kind of complicated procedure when bathing a newborn. Much easier with older kids :)


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