Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Finally a schoolgirl!

Lydia has just started going to school, and here are the results after her first few days of class:

  1. About her school lunches:  Mamma, we go to a restaurant every day but don't have to pay, so you and dad can save your money to buy a house instead.
  2. About being worn out from a long (half) day of school:  Mamma, can you please put me to bed way earlier tonight, so I am not tired for school tomorrow? 
  3. About the mandatory short church service with a child focused mini sermon (it is a Lutheran school), "Mamma, I already went to church this week, so i guess i dont have to go on Sunday anymore."
  4. When asked what she thinks about her two teachers, she said, "They are both very pretty so I like them equally."
  5. Our girl who wasnt particularly interested in how she dressed is now very particular about looking nice for school. 
  6. About raising your hand in class,"Mamma, dont worry, you dont have to raise your hand at home, that is just for school kids." 
  7. And today, she was looking at something on my dry erase board and read it by herself after sounding out the letters!
  8. She is also a lot more snuggly with the time we have together, and i like that!
  9. playground (with Markus wishing he was a schoolboy too!)

    First day in "chapel"

    Opening song

    First day of class
Lots of snuggles

1 comment:

  1. Looks like she is having a great time. She said some really cute things, too. I would milk that wanting to go to bed earlier thing for all it's worth!


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