Thursday, 30 July 2015

Systematic Theology, chapter 37

Adoption (membership in God's family)

What's so important about being adopted, or becoming a child of God?

Either we are children of God or children of wrath according to Ephesians 2:3.

Children become heirs, and thus we are heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ.  Wow!

We are not physical fleshly heirs, but rather children of the promise.

Evidence of this is seen by the Holy Spirit working in our lives. All who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. Romans 8:14.

This adoption is both started and yet not complete, as we await the fullness of adoption in heaven.

God could have just made us spiritually alive without the adoption into his family (as the angels), but this is a privilege that takes us beyond legal "right standing" and into a personal family relationship with the creator of the universe.

Not only are we children of God, but we are brothers and sisters with fellow believers.  There have been many times I have been at a Bible study or church meeting where people say that they feel much closer to fellow believers than to their own families.

 The work of the church should be considered "family work," where we do not compete or hinder each other, but rather encourage each other and be thankful for good progress of any member of the family.

We can speak to God and relate to him as FATHER, a loving and good father.  As a father, God loves us, understands us, gives us good gifts, and an inheritance in heaven.  We are to imitate our Father in heaven, just as a small boy would imitate and try to be like his father.

The Lord's prayer, which starts with "Our Father," and continues with, "forgive us our sins" is not meant to say that we are in need of new life and justification again and again, for when Christ saved us he saved us past, present, and future.  Rather, this forgiveness is the same as a child who has displeased his parents and comes to them to restore the relationship.

As a father, God disciplines us for our good.  "The Lord disciplines him who he loves,"  so we can grow in obedience and righteousness.

As heirs with Christ, we share in both his sufferings and his glory. 

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