Monday, 7 July 2014

The daily adventure...

Rasberries can sweeten any day, and right now they are growing in abundance around us.  

It is difficult NOT to stop and pick a few as we go by!

But Lydia has shown surprising patience in picking them and saving them for later. 
 This book, a gift many years ago to Hannah from our relatives in Maine, has definitely had it's influence.

Here are some things Lydia has said about rasberry picking (that relate to this book):
We better take them home and can them so we have some food for the winter!
Kerplink, Kerplank, Kerplunk (Sound of berries dropping in the bucket).
"One for the bucket, one for my mouth, one for the bucket..."

This girl, she's got lots of plans for her rasberries....rasberry juice, rasberry ice cream, rasberries for pappa....  (And here is a glimpse of some rasberry juice making, which was later translated into rasberry ice cream).
 Hats on, smiles on, watch out for thistles and nestles!

 And Markus definitely has figured out how to get his fill of rasberries that make their way to his tummy.  (I have stopped watching everything he puts in his mouth, so there is no doubt some green rasberries or even a little critter hiding inside have also been eaten!)

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