Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ullared..the "super walmart" of Sweden....

Walmart is just one of those things that Americans take for granted.  To have a store (even if you might not like Walmart for various reasons) that you can buy almost everything you need, is actually quite a luxury.

In Sweden, you have to really search and go to a bunch of different stores to get what you need...but then there is the country's one exception, called Gekås, Ullared.    This is really the one and only superwalmart of Sweden.

Good thing it is an hour from our house....the bi-yearly visits are enough!

And just for anyone, (ahem, MONICA LARSON) who is planning to come this way, here is their blog with little daily updates of what new stuff is coming to the store.

They don't post their prices, but most of the time they are the best in the country (in general).  My sister in law Maria is the professional about knowing and comparing Gekås prices. 

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