Monday, 4 February 2013

Christmas and snuggling

Before christmas is toooo far away, I wanted to post a few photos from our sweet time. 
Lydia chose a sweet princess dress that she got from Saudi and looked better decorated than the christmas tree itself!
Markus had fun with his little cousin ....can you see any resemblance?  Two almost bald headed cuties.
Even babies get to dress up (and look so grown up, sniff sniff) for Christmas day!
Lydia enjoyed helping with dealing out presents...
But it takes a lot of work and time because the family is so big, and she soon gave up...
One of her favorite gifts was a barbie car from Grandpa!  And now she even lets Markus touch it too. :)
There was plenty of time to let people read her books and stories...
And snuggle...(with Uncle Jonas)
And always a lot of dishes to be done, right Sara?
Oh, the sweet Swedish Christmas trees...they don't have our American twinkle lights, but rather little electric candles.
There is always work to be done when there are duplos laying around.
Farfar is just waiting for Markus to be big enough to go fishing and roll up snowballs to make have a wait a few more years though!

Singing some christmas carols, complete with guitar, piano, and flute.
Having fun together...
And one last snuggly photo of Lydia being read to.  My parents are good readers, and hopefully Lydia will become a good reader too!

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