Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Christmas 2012

Where to start!?  This was a full and FUN Christmas!

Blogs are like plants...they seem to get a little wilty when they are neglected, and man they need regular care!

But the care is worthwhile as they bloom (i.e. share our lives with those few people who read this blog. )

    This Christmas, my parents came to visit, and it as a sweet time!
This is Lydia's new skill, "over-cheesing".  We're working on it....

We spent half of the time in big old Gothenburg, and half of the time in Horred, a wee little town in the countryside.  And when you are in the countryside, you have time and space to make stuff like this:
Jonas is helping Lydia with some finishing touches....

More to come....

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