Monday, 26 November 2012

a little swedish pizza...

We visited a good friend of ours who works at a pizzeria.  He took Markus off our hands for a few minutes to show him off to his coworkers while we ate our enormous Swedish pizzas! 
Let's just take a minute to talk about Swedish pizza...because they are a whole food type of their own!

Just look at this!  What is that sauce all over the pizza, and why does a pizza have sauce all over it in the first place??

(For the record, I am not sure what this particular sauce is, but this pizza was pretty good)

Some of the seemingly most popular toppings here include one pizza with:

Pineapple (ok, that is ok in America too)
peanuts, bananas, chicken, curry powder....all together!

And can you believe it, I made one of those very pizzas in our house yesterday.  It felt both like craziness and a big step into Swedish pizza-ness.

Another VERY popular pizza here:

Kebab meat, yogurt and garlic sauce, topped with lettuce and kebab peppers.  And that one is also pretty good.

Should the US take some steps on the wild side, or is this craziness?  You tell me.

Some further reading on the topic... 
Huffington Post article on the oddities of Swedish Pizza.
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