Sunday, 14 October 2012

7Months, Markus!

The little milestones for my kids is really a great joy for me to keep up with. 
And our happy baby Markus has just passed 7 months!
Among his list of abilities, he has now added: 

Crawling in reverse, which often ends up in him getting stuck in a corner or something...(Lydia keeps laying down in front of him and saying, "come on, crawl to me," at which point he crawls in reverse directly AWAY from her....ha. 

On a side note, Lydia and Markus are pretty good at amusing one another, which is fun.

Making the typical baby sounds, babababa, gagaga, bububub, and a fun "hey" kind of sound as well as "oh yeah"....I know I am just imagining he is saying that, but it is funny.

Rolling over, sitting up decently, into a relatively babywise schedule including around 9 hours of sleep a night,  and having a personality that is so happy and fun.  I gotta say, second babies seem to be much more content than firstborns...

And already having 5 teeth! (2 bottom teeth arrived more than a month ago, and three top teeth are popping up as we speak).

Weighs almost 9,5 kilos / 21 pounds. (That is a big difference from Lydia at that age...lets just say Markus is a ravenous eater!)

We love you Markus!

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