Monday, 7 May 2012

Outing with Aunt Sara! Utflykt med faster Sara!

Lydia was spoiled and enjoyed her time going to the park with her aunt Sara.  Oh, what a difference there is in going out with a baby and going out with an almost 3 year old...they understand and can do so much more!

First stop, the petting zoo.  Lydia gets up close and in the face of this surprisingly calm goat.  
(Do they drug these animals, or are they really so calm?)

 Then Lydia and Sara go to play "king of the mountain."

 And then we ALMOST convinced Lydia to go pony riding (for about 3 dollars), but she chickened out when the pony came close and she realized what she was signing up for...

 Lydia is frantically saying, "all done! all done!" here, so off we go...
 Slottskogen has a fantastic playground, including this manual tractor/dirt scraper machine,
 And of course...Markus slept through almost the whole trip!
 So we took advantage of it and loaded down the stroller with our jackets, bags, etc.
 Lydia and Sara went on the super long slide...
 Lydia took Sara for a "drive,"
 And then Markus FINALLY woke up and we had lunch and the mandatory Swedish cup of coffee, and went on our way.  Haha, Markus was dressed as a panda, so in a way he was also part of the "petting zoo!"
What a day!  Thanks Sara, we should do that again!

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