Thursday, 17 May 2012

Having friends come for a week and take pictures of our "daily life" really helped me see things freshly through their eyes...and realize what a sweet life we have here! Here's a little list of some of the simple things that I take for granted.....                                                
(Thanks, Matt and Monica, for your visit...come back soon!)

Number 1: Cabins and countryside
Doesn't this look magical?  It's actually just Daniel's family's front yard!
 Number 2:  Skata fåglar (magpie birds) that keep us company...everywhere!

Number 3: We might live in a rough area but it is still beautiful here. 

Number 4:  The walk to Lydia's playgroup is really amazing!

Number 5:  Even crowded apartment blocks get sweet sunsets.

Number 6:  But it is still apparant that we live in a neighborhood that makes it's own rules about freedoms....they censored and added "clothes" to the naked ladies in this mural on the wall. 
(ps, I am not a fan of naked ladies being painted in public, but this is also art that someone worked hard on which was vandalized).

Number 7:  Did I mention that we live in a beautiful place?  God's hand in creation and nature is stunning. 

Number 8: We have sweet babies!

Number 9:  The falafels and kebabs at Kviberg really are great!

I'm so excited that this couple wants to come back to live here in Sweden!

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