Sunday, 13 May 2012

book review...Systematic Theology

Surprise, Daniel!  I am realizing the treasures that are sitting on our bookshelf, and want to start with this beloved book of yours, Wayne Grudem's, Systematic Theology.

Did you know that you can listen to all the chapters put out by Grudem himself on itunes?

I haven't gotten so far yet, but here is what has struck me in the first pages:

1.  Theology does not have to be confusing, big words, or only for theologians.

"I do not believe that God intended the study of theology to result in confusion.  A student who comes out of a course in theology filled only with doctrinal uncertainty and a thousand unanswered questions is hardly “able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to confute those who contradict it.” (Titus 1:9)"

2. It is ok to disagree, but it is not ok to be a Christian for so long without knowing where you stand on basic issues!

"I do not expect that everyone reading this book will agree with me at every point of doctrine;  I do think that every reader will understand the positions I am arguing for and where Scripture can be found to support those positions."

“I am convinced that there is an urgent need in the church today for much greater understanding of Christian doctrine, or systematic theology. Not only pastors and teachers need to understand theology in greater depth -- the WHOLE CHURCH does as well. One day by God's grace we may have churches full of Christians who can discuss, apply and LIVE the doctrinal teachings of the Bible as readily as they can discuss the details of their own jobs or hobbies - or the fortunes of their favorite sports team or television program.”  

3.  Theology is not so dry as some may think....

“I do not believe that God intended the study of theology to be dry and boring. Theology is the study of God and all his works! Theology is meant to be LIVED and PRAYED and SUNG! All of the great doctrinal writings of the Bible (such as Paul's epistle to the Romans) are full of praise to God and personal application to life.” 

4.  It starts with believing that the Bible is true...what is "theological studies" without the Bible?

“I think that ultimately we will attain much more depth of understanding of Scripture when we are able to study it in the company of a great number of scholars who all begin with the conviction that the Bible is completely true and absolutely authoritative.” 

....more to come....

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