Sunday, 27 June 2010


I have been laughing about this for a year now. Around town, there are several manly looking stores that boast "tampons" for sale. Trust me, there are no tampons to be found inside.

Oh, some french words are just too much!

We also enjoyed signs for "poisson" (which Daniel thought was poison at first) and "pain," which also comes in chocolate flavor....i never knew that chocolate was possible, until we moved here.
Vi har skrattat åt några skyltar runt i stad, speciellt en som offrar tamponger. Nej, när man kolla, det är en manlig affär och ingen tamponger alls! Också vi gillar skyltar som pratar om "pain" (bröd men det skrivas som önt på engelska,) och "poisson" (fisk men det skrivas som gift på engelska). Oj, Franska, vilket språk!

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