Saturday, 29 October 2011

more mushrooms

A trip to Daniel's family in this time of year is just not complete without a wander through the forest to get some chanterelle. Lydia took a nap, and off I went! An hour and a half later, my bag was full of these late fall trumpet chanterelles. Not quite as good as the usual chanterelle, but still, NOT too bad either!

I counted, just for fun, when i was cleaning them and had about 500 mushrooms here. So including the other half that I left with Daniel's family, that is about 1000 little critters! Doesn't this just make you want to come to Sweden and join the fun?
What can you do with them, you ask? I am no expert, but they are great sauteed on toast with some melted cheese. Next up is the game of testing them in quiche, in pasta dishes, or as a soup.
En utflykt till Daniels familj på hösten är inte klart utan att man vandra och plocka lite svamp. Lydia söv, och jag gick gick gick. En och en halv timma senare, mitt påse var fullt med tratt kantarell. Inte så gott som vänliga kantarell, men ändå, inte så dåligt!

Jag räknade, för rolighets skull, och hade ungefär 500 sticken hus mig. Plus lika mycket som jag lämnade kvär hus Daniels familj...1000 sticken allihopa! Känner ni inte för att komma till Sverige och plocka svamp med oss?

Vad kan man göra med de, du fråga? Jag är ingen expert, men de är goa stekat på en macka med öst...nästa ska jag testa med att göra en paj, pasta, eller soppa. Vi får se....

oh, how much is missing!

Looking around at what is available in Swedish for Christians here, and often find myself sighing in disappointment.

Go look up some common questions on youtube (in Swedish), and you will find responses from other religions, from athiests, and very little from Bible believing Christians.

We have really been enjoying having family worship time with Lydia most nights, around the dinner table. Does that concept even exist in Sweden?!

It SHOULD! If parents leave it up to the church to teach Christianity to their kids, then they are not taking their role as Biblical parents.

Deu 11:19 You shall teach them to your children, talking of them when you are sitting in your house, and when you are walking by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.

A blog about a little baby who is growing up to be a silly kid is fun, but I am looking forward to writing more on this topic.
När man kollar runt på vad som är tillgängligt på Svenska till Kristna här, så ofta känner jag mig besviken.

Skriva vanliga frågor på youtube (på Svenska), och för den mesta, hitta vi filmar ifrån ändra religioner, ateister, men väldigt liten ifrån Bibel troende Kristna.

Vi här haft en jätte fint tid med Lydia på kvällarna, när vi läsa Bibeln, sjunga, och ber ihop. Finns såna koncept i Sverige?

Det SKULLE finnas! Om föräldrar låtar kyrkan lära om Jesus till barnen, så de gör inte som de skulle enligt Bibeln.

Deu 11:18 Så skolen I nu lägga dessa mina ord på edert hjärta och edert sinne, och I skolen binda dem såsom ett tecken på eder hand, och de skola vara såsom ett märke på eder panna;
Deu 11:19 och I skolen lära edra barn dem, i det att du talar om dem, när du sitter i ditt hus och när du står upp.

En enkelt blogg om våran bebis som växa opp till en roliga flicka är fint, men jag ser från emot att skriva mer om den ämnen.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Now i have a challenge before me....Lydia is FINALLY old enough to enjoy crafty things and working with her hands!

So far playdoh and helping me bake has kept her busy, but the goal is to see what ELSE she can do. This should be interesting... Suggestions are accepted!

Nu har jag ett riktig utmaning framför mig....Lydia är tillräckligt mögen för att jobba med hennes händerna....att pyssla, kanske ska man säger.

Än så länge är hon nöjd med att leka med playdoh eller hjälpa mig baka, men målet är att ser vad mer vi kan hitta på....det ska bli intressant! Alla tips är välkommen!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Swedish driving school, part one

I have to get a Swedish drivers license, and have a whole list of amusing aspects of this process!
(This is all in comparison with the American drivers license process)...

1. I am sitting most of the time with a bunch of 18 year olds, and amazingly the feeling of peer pressure and, "am I dressed ok/smell ok/act ok?" all comes back....
2. It is funny to see these teenage guys (quite a few of them) pull out their little can of chewing tobacco. Real attractive, guys.
3. I have a right to be shy in responding, because my responses come out sounding all grammatically incorrect. But these Swedish teenagers are SUPER shy to even say a peep. Was it like that in high school and I just forgot about it?
4. A fun quote from the teacher, "barn är som rådjur, de kommer i flock." (kids are like wild deer, they come together in flocks).
5. The teacher shows a slide of a boy and a girl, and asks us what the difference is in their driving. Girls say that guys are dangerous, guys say that girls are bad drivers. Teacher says, really, there isnt so much difference. He then goes on to show statistics of how boys are three times more likely to crash, etc. (really? there isnt so much difference?)

Swedish words can be long sometimes, but here is a little list of the super long ones I have come across in the driving book.... makes you want to learn Swedish, right?

1. kugghjulsprincipen
2. sannolikhetsinlärning
3. landvägskörning
4. parkeringsförbud
5. handlingsberedskap
6. bromsberedskap
7. hastighetsanpassning
8. avstandsbedömning
9. utryckningsfordon
10. framkomligheten
11. blixtlåsprincipen
12. tomgångskörning
13. korriktningsvisare
14. huvudledsfortsättning
15. gångfartsområde
16. sannolikhetsinlärning
17. koncentrationsförmågan

1. Sometimes when you are parking, you are only allowed to park on odd numbered sides of the streets on even days, and vice versa. Imagine having to always have your calender out when parking!
2. Turning left is not your RIGHT as a driver. If it means that you will disturb the cars behind you, it is better to turn right and then turn around on a smaller street, and then drive through the crossing, instead of (oh no!) turning left.
3. Driving is not just about getting from point A to point B, but also doing it in the most environmentally friendly way. You can fail if you use too much gas or produce too many pollutions into the environment through your driving.
4. In America the school patrol people can stop traffic, but in Sweden their job is instead to stop the kids until traffic is clear.
5. At a four way stop sign, whoever comes first goes first; what happens if it has a long line of people from four directions waiting? In America, at a four way stop, it can move in a smoother manner, but then again i guess they dont have so many four way stops here.
6. You can get a ticket if you are caught out driving when you are "too tired." Imagine if we had that rule in America?
7. Watch out, there are around 50,000 wild animal related accidents here in little old Sweden every year. Those reindeers can be pretty fiesty.

Fun signs:
1. You THINK that this means something like, "botanical garden ahead," but it actually is the sign for most tourist roads. Girly and sweet, eh?
2. This is an utfart (exit sign)...and it is NOT where the farts come out, but it makes me smile every time.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Forests everywhere...

One nice change after living in the Arab world for so long is the greenness and loneliness of the forests in Sweden!
Even though we live in an immigrant area, there are STILL forests around here.
Lydia loves, running alongside!

What a change from here summer clothes...I guess winter is here soon!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Lydia was just given an antique dollhouse as a gift!

1950's style house, with a grand piano, king size (dollsize) bed, bookshelf, curving stairway, a mom, dad, and a bunch of babies.

Although Lydia likes the house, I think we "adults" maybe are enjoying it more than her so far!

Monday, 3 October 2011

It is not everyday that Lydia has a friend "close to her age" sleep over for a few days!

We had some guests for the weekend, and Lydia fell in love with Jasmine, a sweet 7 year old daughter of our guests.
We like to take guests to a lookout point over all of Gothenburg!
Lydia and her little friend hung out a lot....they were even bathroom buddies!
Jasmine, Lydia misses you and every now and then wanders around calling out your name, just in case you were hiding or something!

playing with the hags

This is one of the many playgrounds all around our apartment, and both Daniel and Lydia like to play here! I couldn't help but notice that the name of the play equipment was "hags," which means, "ugly or frightful old woman."

Why would anyone name their company HAGS?! Oh well, it makes me smile every time Lydia goes out to play anyway, so i guess it's worth something.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Downtown Gothenburg was surprisinly sunny and warm for Lydia and my trip to town!

Lydia shared a bottle of pomegranate flavored sparkling water with me (when in Gothenburg, do as the Gothenburgers do?)
Since we were right by the harbor, we checke out some cool boats.
And of course we had to see the Swedish version of "the London eye," which Lydia thoroughly enjoyed watching up close.
That was fun, we should do that again!

familj life

Våra familj är inte perfekt, men vems är?  Man letar efter den perfekta bild av en perfekt familj, men detta bild är mycket mer real...