Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Something interesting about Sweden...

I just got THIS in the mail, to "test it out."

What did i think about it all?

1.  Kids zoo vitamins.  Sure, there is some vitamin C in there, but the main ingredient is sugar, so i wasnt thrilled about them.

2.  Majskrokar.  These are like cheetos, but without any salt, or any flavoring whatsoever.  However, our kids were convinced and devoured these things before you could say "want some chips?"

3.  Folksam barn safety kit.  I would buy this kit for all my friends with little kiddos....pretty practical, small and easy to take along, BUT something like a small one time alvedon would make this kit PERFECT.

4.  Duplo penguin and polar bear.  I guess so few pieces is ideal for a 1 year old, but i was still a bit disappointed that the kit didnt have more creative pieces to make the whole thing more interactive.

5.  Garant applesauce.  These are great to take "to go,"  but somehow i cant get my son to eat them more than just a bite or two, and always have to throw the rest away after a day or two.  Smaller packaging would perhaps be good too?

6.  Little pixi book.  These things are gold.  Great to take along when you have an impatient kid, cute stories, and i have never really been disappointed with one so far.  Good stuff.

Thanks loppi for letting me test this stuff!

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