Saturday, 23 February 2013

cuteness alert!

If you are not in the mood for "cute," then go read the news or something instead. 

I am not normally a "cutesy wootsy" kind of person, but this is an exception.

 FRIENDS.  Lydia's little church friends just get cuter and cuter.  They like to ride on this food cart together as we prepare Fika (don't know what Fika is?  Go look it up!), but here I think they were singing the alphabet and just generally being cute.

BATHTIME just got more fun!  Lydia has always enjoyed bathtime, but now she has a real live little brother to play with!  And he just gets more and more fun as he gets better balance and better at moving around...

 LASAGNA!  I do NOT remember Lydia getting herself so dirty when she was learning to eat, but Markus jumps in 110% percent.  Kids are so weird.  Give him a chance and he will eat ALL your sushi, or brocolli, cucumbers, or lasagna.  Put a chicken nugget or a pancake in front of him, and he will throw it away.

 LEGOS!  Lydia is really into playing with Legos these days.  What does she make?  Hospitals, Swimming pools, our house, Farmors house, playgrounds....etc.
Only one lego person that came with her kit?  No problem, to a 3 year old, any lego can quickly become a person, and presto!, Pappa, Dorcas the cat, and even Zaccheus (was a wee little man) and Jesus can join us...
CHARMING little boy...Markus has a couple of great tricks up his sleeve.  For example, reach out his hand to get your attention, and then smile and hide his face in "shyness."  Or how about the one where he looks at you, and then smiles real big and closes his eyes and blinks like he is really savoring being noticed. 
Little HELPER!  This is a rare picture of Lydia "helping me" where she is still moderately clean.  Usually she plays "washing the dishes," "making mamma coffee," or helps me make food and ends up with a food beard. (especially cute in chocolate flavor). 

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