Saturday, 14 April 2012

Happy 2.5 years, Lydia!

Yikes! The last milestone I wrote about for Lydia was her 1.5 year mark, and obviously a lot has happened since then.

Well, according to her 2.5 year doctor's checkup, she is doing just fine. Even if she answered a resounding "NO" to most of the doctor's questions to her. That is just a sign that she is in the normal terrible two's stage.

Among her list of abilities now, she has added:

Not just running but dancing, hopping (actually getting both feet off the floor), spinning around, and climbing on everything possible. I think if we gave her half a chance she would shimmy right up the ladder on her bunk bed and camp out on the top least until she fell off a time or two.

In a year's time, she has gone from saying maybe 20 words to hundreds of words in both english and swedish, and being able to make sentences of 5 or 6 words. No is a favorite anytime of the day, which is frustrating but apparently "normal". Is it really normal for parents to let their kids run around saying no to everyone and everything, or is it just Sweden that smiles sweetly and says, "isn't that cute?"

She loves peanut butter, chocolate, chips, cheese, asparagus, redbeets, tomatoes, meatballs, pasta pasta pasta, milk milk milk, butter....but strangely enough NOT cake or ice cream or pie.

She is still napping about 2 hours during the day, and going to sleep for about 10 plus hours at night.

Our little girl is primarily a songbird, with probably at least 25 songs that she rotates singing. She also is more and more interested in snuggling up and reading a book with us.

Weight: 11.6 kilos / 25.5 pounds.
We love you Lydia!

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